Family cargo bikes

Twin seat bicycle

Twin seat bicycle or cargo bike for twins

Do you have twins, and want to be able to take them on the road? Then a cargo bike might be the right choice for you. Biking with twins takes a little more creativity than biking with just one kid. We understand more than anyone that you're looking for the best option to bike your twins around. Cargo bikes make it easy to get your twins from point A to point B. Let us tell you how.

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A real women's cargo bike: the Babboe Mini

Looking for a cargo bike but still not sure which model to choose? Then the Babboe Mini might be the right bike for you. This compact cargo bike is shorter than a standard two-wheel cargo bike, lightweight and rides more or less like a regular bike This makes the Babboe Mini an ideal women's cargo bike. 

Lontail cargo bike

Ride a longtail cargo bike like it's a regular bike

The Babboe Slim Mountain is the king of longtail cargo bikes. Thanks to its slim frame, this bike is ideal for long distances and narrow streets. Unlike a traditional cargo bike, children don't sit next to each other, but behind each other. Just like the longtail bikes described above. The biggest advantage of the Babboe Slim Mountain is that it lets you always keep an eye on your kids. With a longtail bike, your children sit behind you, making it difficult to chat or check on your kids.

Cargo bike for children

Cargo Bike for children with a door: The Babboe Go

This cargo bike for children is based on the Babboe Curve, but with 1 important difference; a door on the front. This makes getting on and off easy for your kids.

Cargo bike for dogs

A cargo bike for dogs - How cool is that?!

The best cargo bike for dogs is the Babboe Dog or the Go. Both cargo bikes have a bench that fits two children.

long john cargo bike

A long john cargo bike that is perfect for urban cycling: the Babboe City

Find yourself in traffic often when taking your kids to and from daycare? And do you live in a bustling city? Then chances are you experience pressure from all sides. With two kids on your bike, cycling in the city can be challenging, such as riding in a straight line and avoiding collisions with oncoming or passing cyclists.

Babboe supports World Bicycle Relief

Babboe supports World Bicycle Relief

The power of the bicycle should not be underestimated. A bicycle can make a difference in terms of mobility, but also to climate change and fighting poverty. This is why we are supporting World Bicycle Relief, an organisation whose mission is to use the bicycle as a means of improving the lives of people in developing countries.

Cargo biking in the winter

Cargo biking in the winter

Do you cargo bike during the winter months? Just like motorcyclists, cargo bike moms fall into two camps: fair-weather riders, and all-weather riders. Unlike the first group, the second doesn't get put off by chilly rain or wind. Whichever camp you fall into, one thing remains true: there's a big difference between riding your cargo bike in the summer and the winter. We have some tips on how to get through the winter with your cargo bike.