Babboe Dog - cargo bike

The ultimate cargo bike for any dog lover! The Babboe Dog is equipped with a convenient ramp, so your four-legged friend can walk in and out of the box on its own. There are anti-slip stickers available in the webshop that can be stuck on the ramp to prevent the dog from slipping, even with wet paws. Moreover, there are two convenient lead loops so your dog can safely sit in the box. It is no surprise that more and more people prefer a cargo bike to a dog bike trailer. Dog bike trailer for dogs vs. cargo bike? A comparison.

Babboe Dog | the ideal dog transport bike

dog bike trailer

Cargo bikes aren’t just fun for kids, dogs love going for a ride in a cargo bike as well! An increasing number of dog owners were asking Babboe to produce a cargo bike for dogs, so Babboe developed the Babboe Dog. The Babboe Dog has 7 gears and a robust, sturdy box with room for two (large) dogs.


Electric Babboe Dog | safe and convenient travel

Dog cargo bike

Of course the Babboe Dog is also available with electric pedal assistance. Having that extra boost makes a ride to the park or the woods even more enjoyable! The battery is located underneath the rear carrier and is easily charged at home or on the road. The action radius of the Babboe Dog-E is about 24-37 miles and tunnels, bridges and small hills are a piece of cake.


Purchasing a Babboe Dog | Prefer a test ride first?

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Babboe dog cargo bikes are mostly sold online. That’s how our cargo bikes remain affordable. We believe in the quality of our cargo bikes, that’s why Babboe customers receive a 5-year warranty on their cargo bikes. Curious to find out how much fun it is to take your dog for a ride in a cargo bike? Take the Babboe Dog for a test ride at a dealer near you. Your dog(s) are very welcome too. 


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