The perfect gift for your dog

Not only children have fun being transported in a cargo bike, dogs also love riding! It is glorious to ride to a walking area together in the fresh air. And you'll never have to lift an older dog into the car anymore. It can walk into the cargo bike by itself using the ramp or door. And with the electric pedal assist, you can cycle up any hill without difficulty. It is no surprise that more and more people choose an electric cargo bike over a bike trailer for the dog. A Babboe cargo bike is simply the ideal transport for the dog lover.

Babboe Dog | the cargo bike for dogs

The Babboe Dog has 7 gears and a robust, sturdy box with room for two (large) dogs. This bike for dogs also comes standard with a folding bench. The Babboe Dog is of course equipped with a handy ramp so your four-legged friend can walk in and out of the box on their own. An anti-slip mat for this ramp is available in the web shop, so this won't be a problem, even with wet paws. The box also has two handy fastening points for the dog's leash, so it stays sitting safely in the box. The Babboe Dog can also be expanded with a comfortable mat to lie on or non-skid mat on the bottom.

Babboe Go | ideal for a family with dog(s)

The Babboe Go is based on the Babboe Curve family cargo bike, with the extra feature of a handy door at the front of the box. This stable three-wheeled cargo bike is ideal for a household with a dog. A dog can easily get in by itself through the door at the front. But children love using the door to get onboard too. The box is suitable for 1 or 2 children + a dog (or more smaller dogs). The box is equipped with 1 fixed bench for 2 children.

Electric assist | Fast, effortless and safely on your way

Of course, the Babboe Dog and Babboe Go are both available with electric pedal assist. This makes trips to the park, forest or beach more fun by bike, because the wind is always at your back. The battery mounted under the rear carrier is easy to charge at home or on the go. The Babboe Dog-E and Babboe Go-E have a range of about 40-60 kilometres.

Take a test ride

We sell our cargo bikes through our web shop to keep prices affordable. Of course, we also offer the possibility of testing our dog cargo bikes first. Test ride the Babboe Dog on one of our test days. Your dog(s) are more than welcome to try the experience of sitting in a true dog cargo bike.