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It was in 2005 that a group of parents started searching for the ideal cargo bike in the Netherlands. This was also the beginning of the Babboe cargo bike, as it seemed that the ideal cargo bike wasn't yet available at that point in time.

In cooperation with an engineering firm, these parents made plans to develop a qualitative and affordable cargo bike. But what’s affordable and what do other parents consider a good cargo bike? Two years later, the Babboe Big was available for purchase, a robust three-wheel cargo bike that meets all the requirements of the Babboe parents. The beginning of a flourishing business! Babboe celebrated its 10th anniversary in March 2017.

Dutch bakfiets: first steps

Soon the first Babboe cargo bikes conquered the Dutch streets. More and more parents discovered the cargo bike as a mode for transporting their children. The first Babboe pioneers helped us improve the Babboe Big. An extensive warranty and service package was developed and the list of accessories was expanded. Obviously, there was no time to sit back and relax!

Babboe remains affordable

We keep innovating and ensure that more families have a chance to take the Dutch cargo bike for test rides. We are organising more open house days around the country using our dealernetwork. However, we continue to believe in our online approach. Since we do not deal with bicycle shops with high margins, we are able to keep offering affordable cargo bikes without compromising quality.

The Dutch bakfiets conquers the world

If it were up to us, every young family should get the chance to own a good, affordable cargo bike. The first cross-border steps were therefore soon taken. Although the bike isn’t everywhere as popular a mode of transportation as in the Netherlands, it is increasingly recognised as a sustainable alternative. What a beautiful start to Babboe’s adventure abroad!

Electric revolution

After the introduction of the Babboe Big, we were increasingly receiving questions regarding the development of a cargo bike with electric pedal assistance. What a great idea: always having the wind at your back, even with a loaded box! We discussed this with a few top suppliers and in 2009 we were able to present the Babboe Big with electric pedal assistance. The model was such a success that we started equipping all our cargo bike models with electric pedal assistance.

Our cargo bikes

In 2010, after finding its way to many a young family’s hearts, we introduced the Babboe City, our two-wheel cargo bike. Sleek, agile and sporty, the Babboe City was a welcome addition to our assortment. Just like the Babboe  Curve, the hip upgrade to our very first model. The Curve has elegant, rounded shapes, includes our well-known safety features and we incorporated all suggestions and comments from our very first customers. In May 2017, the Babboe Carve was launched. It offers the best of both worlds: the stability of a three-wheel cargo bike combined with the agility of a two-wheel cargo bike.

The future of the Dutch bakfiets

Young parents inspire us to continue to manufacture new products and to improve our current cargo bikes. How can we make our cargo bikes even more convenient, fun and safer? If you have any suggestions, let us know. After all, we are a brand by parents for parents. Have you become enthousiastic about our cargo bikes?

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