The electric three-wheel cargo bike

The Babboe Big cargo bike was Babboe’s very first model on the market. The Big is a robust three-wheel cargo bike with enough room for 4 children. The Babboe Big solves a lot of logistical problems in one go. The folding benches allow for tons of room in the box, even when the little ones aren’t riding along. Very convenient when doing a big shopping trip, for example.

Babboe Big

  • 4  Children
  • 2  Benches
  • 217 cm  Length
  • 88 cm  Width

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Configure your Babboe Big

Safety first

  • Safe three-point belts
  • Extra wide tires
  • Safe parking brake
Babboe Big

Babboe Big, a robust cargo bike with three wheels

Stable cargo bike with enough space for children and groceries.

Personalize your Babboe Big

Available in 3 colors

  • Babboe Big

    Two foldable benches - Create extra space in the box

    The benches in the Babboe Big can be folded. This creates extra space in the box. Convenient, especially when transporting extra groceries or other things in the cargo bike.

    Two foldable benches
    Babboe Big

    Parking Brakes: Quick and easy parking

    The Babboe Big is equipped with a special parking brake. This allows you to easily and quickly park the Babboe Big and prevents the cargo bike from slowly rolling away.

    Parking Brake
    Babboe Big

    Steering dampers: pleasant and safe cycling

    The steering dampers ensure that, when you are not steering yourself, the Babboe Big always wants to drive straight ahead and that the steering wheel does not move abruptly, but gradually and smoothly. In addition, the steering dampers also absorb unevenness in the road surface.

    Steering dampers

    Compare the Big cargo bikes:

    Babboe Big-E

    Babboe Big-E

    Babboe Big

    Babboe Big
    Electric cargo bike
    Electric cargo bike
    Non-electric cargo bike
    Luggage carrier
    LED lighting via battery (front and rear)
    LED lighting on batteries (front and rear)
    Battery location
    Under the luggage carrier
    Motor position
    Rear wheel motor
    Motor technology
    Force (Nm)
    Type of sensor
    Rotation and speed
    Flat roads, Rolling roads
    Flat roads

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    Babboe Big | Bakfiets 4 children

    Take your children along on the Babboe Big electric cargo bike! An effortless ride thanks to the pedal assistance with 8 different modes. The Babboe Big electric cargo bike is a sturdy three-wheel cargo bike with enough room to transport up to 4 children.

    Electric Babboe Big | Convenient and safe family bike

    Babboe definitely did not miss the boat with the arrival of the electric bike. Soon the electric Babboe Big became available. The pedal assistance on this three-wheel family bike makes the Babboe Big-E a wonderful green alternative to the car. With the electric version of the bakfiets 4 children you will always have the wind at your back and long distances are easily covered.

    Buy a Babboe Big | Affordable family bike with 5 year warranty

    Babboe cargo bikes are only available online, that is how we are able to keep our cargo bikes at an affordable price. Without compromising the quality. That is why Babboe offers its customers a 5-year warranty on cargo bikes. Would you like to test a Babboe Big cargo bike before purchasing one? Make a test ride at one of our shops or ambassadors!