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About Babboe
How was Babboe created?

The Babboe cargo bike was an initiative of a group of parents who wanted a cargo bike, but thought the existing cargo bikes were very pricey. In cooperation with an engineering firm, the Babboe Big was developed and the goal was to develop a qualitative and affordable cargo bike. The first Babboe cargo bikes were delivered in March 2007. In addition to the 3-wheel Babboe Big we now have marketed different types of cargo bikes.

What does Babboe stand for?

Babboe is a combination of the names Baloo and Babu.

Babboe's philosophy is to give young parents moments of joy together with their children. From that line of thinking, we searched for a beautiful, fitting name for our product. That's how we ended up with Baloo and Babu. Baloo from the Disney character who protects Mowgli at all times.  Babu stems from the positive thought of daily care and love for children.  These associations lead us to Babboe.

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About Babboe cargo bikes
What type of brakes does a cargo bike have?
There are three different types of brakes for cargo bikes. The three types are: Drum brakes, rollerbrakes and disc brakes. Read more about there advantages here.
How should I maintain the cargo bike cover?
It is important to maintain the cargo bike cover well to prevent moisture and condensation. When a wet cargo bike is parked under a cargo bike cover for a long time, mould can develop. We recommend placing the cargo bike cover over a dry cargo bike and...
What error code does my Yamaha display?
Please refer to the instructions in the attachment below to find out which error code you are dealing with
What error code does my GWA display show?
Please refer to the instructions in the attachment below to find out which error code you are dealing with
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Ordering and delivery
How can i buy a Babboe cargo bike?
You can buy a Babboe cargo bike in Europe, USA, Canada and other countries. Please visit our webshops or find a dealer in your country.
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Baby & child seats
From what age can a toddler be in the toddler seat?
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