Cargo Bike for children with a door: The Babboe Go

Cargo bike for children

Think you have found your ideal cargo bike? Then you probably haven't discovered the Babboe Go yet. This cargo bike for children is based on the Babboe Curve, but with 1 important difference; a door on the front of the box.

Your children are getting bigger, slowly but surely. So it's high time they also discovered things for themselves. Thanks to the door in the Babboe Go, your children can get in the cargo bike themselves and sit on the bench. And if you hadn't realised yet, thanks to the door you don't need to lift your child into the cargo bike. A win-win situation!

The Babboe Go in the spotlight

The key features of the Babboe Go are its rounded shapes, but the door is what really makes the cargo bike unique for children. In addition, the cargo bike also has luxury steering dampers, meaning you'll always go straight ahead, even if you don't steer for a second. But the bike also has extra thick spokes, three-point belts, disc brakes, double headlights, 7 gears and a parking brake. This makes parking the cargo bike simple and the cargo bike won't roll away when parked.

This Babboe Go is also available as an electric cargo bike. Even better, the electric Babboe Go is available in two different versions. The Babboe Go-E has the motor in the rear wheel. It is controlled by a rotation sensor at the pedals, as soon as the rear wheel completes one revolution, the electric support kicks in. The Babboe Go Mountain has a Yamaha mid-drive motor. This is more powerful than the rear-wheel drive, and provides immediate electric support. The amount of support is determined by the power you apply with your legs. This delivers a smooth, natural cycling experience.


There are various accessories which you can use with the Babboe Go. For example a baby seat, a toddler seat, a little kid seat or cushions for the bench, in various designs. But also a rain tent, an anti-slip mat, a cargo bike cover and a box cover for just the box. This means your children will always be dry and comfortable in the cargo bike. And did you know that you can also place a Babboe dog cushion on the floor of the box? Because there is room in the cargo bike for a dog as well as the children.

Now you know all of this, you might be doubting whether you really found the 'ideal' cargo bike for children before. This is why you should experience the convenience of a Babboe Go for yourself. Take a test ride at a sales point near you. Ready, set, GO!

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