Cargo bike parts

Repairing a Babboe is a piece of cake using these cargo bike parts. Looking for a specific cargo bike part for a Babboe and it's not here? Then contact our service department.

Babboe sells a big variety of cargo bike parts. We've everything you need to repair and maintain your cargo bike. Not only do we have suitable parts for all our models, but also for models from other cargo bike brands too.

Repairing your bike is easy-peasy with Babboe cargo bike parts. Change a tyre? Buy a new battery? Replace a spoke? All these parts for your cargo bike are to be found in the Baboe webshop. This way you can do some or all repairs on your cargo bike conveniently at home. Part of the success is due to having the right cargo bike parts. So take a good look in our web shop to see exactly what you need.

It's vital to maintain your cargo bike regularly. This means your cargo bike will last longer and you avoid coming to a standstill on the way somewhere. We also sell maintenance kits specially for keeping your bike in top shape.

Looking for cargo bike parts or other materials for maintenance? Then have a look at the parts in our web shop. Perhaps you can't find the cargo bike part that you're looking for? Then contact our customer service. We'll help you find a solution.