Which cargo bike suits you?

Which cargo bike best suits you and your family? How many children will you be transporting in the cargo bike, are you taking a dog along or are you only transporting goods? What model will you choose: a two-wheeler or a three-wheeler, with or without electric assistance? In short, which cargo bike is the best choice for you? Here are all your options! After all, there’s a Babboe cargo bike for every situation.

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With or without electric assistance?

Wel of geen elektrische Babboe bakfiets

Are you planning on covering longer distances? Or will there always be four children riding in the box? If that’s the case, it’s always nice to have a boost. If you opted for the electric pedal assistance, you will always have the wind at your back, even with a loaded box. Every Babboe cargo bike model is now also available with electric pedal assistance. Find out more about Babboe’s electric cargo bike models.

A cargo bike with 2 or 3 wheels?

2-wiel of 3-wiel Babboe bakfiets

Do you go for light and agile, and thus two wheels, or do you prefer stability and space? Here at Babboe there’s something for everybody. A two-wheel cargo bike has room for two children and groceries. A three-wheel cargo bike will transport up to four children. How many kids will you be transporting in the cargo bike? Find out more about two-wheel and three-wheel cargo bikes.

What are you taking along in the cargo bike?

Babboe City Cargo bakfiets voor transportCargo bikes are mainly known as a transportation mode for children. However, cargo bikes have many other functions too. Cargo bikes used to be the ideal mode for transporting goods, for example. Today, companies once again choose to transport goods by cargo bike. And there is yet enother cargo bike model availlable: dog lovers will find joy in the special Babboe Dog. This dog cargo bike can easily transport one or more dogs! Find out more about the possibilities the different Babboe cargo bikes have to offer.

What’s the difference between the Babboe Big and Babboe Curve?

Verschil Babboe Big en Babboe Curve

What exactly is the difference between the three-wheel cargo bikes Babboe Big and Babboe Curve? The Babboe Big cargo bike was the first model Babboe marketed and is fitted with a square box. The Babboe Curve owes its name to its modern rounded shape. The difference between the Babboe Big and Babboe Curve is not only in the cargo bike’s design. Find out more about the differences.

Comparing cargo bikes - have you figured it out?

Bakfiets vergelijken - Welke Babboe bakfiets kies je?

Which cargo bike is right for you? Click on the paragraphs above to find out more information about that each cargo bike. Have you finished comparing the different cargo bike models and have you figured out which one suits you best? Then have a look in our online shop. This is where you will find all our cargo bike models. Should you require more information about a specific cargo bike model then click on that particular model. There you will find more information about your possible future cargo bike.

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