Which cargo bike is right for you? Find your cargo bike here.

Which cargo bike is right for you depends on how many children you want to take with you or for what other purposes you want to use the bike. All models are available with electric assistance (standaard or Mountain). Do you live in a mountainous area or do you regularly cycle up a large hill? Then we recommend the Mountain cargo bike with mid-engine.

I have a small family (1-2 children)

The most suitable cargo bike for 1 to 2 children is the two-wheel Babboe cargo bike. This cargo bike is slim, agile and doesn’t require much parking space. Not only is it practical for children, but it’s also great for getting groceries. The two-wheel cargo bike feels just like a normal bike. You can choose between the small Babboe Mini, the Babboe City  (see Fig.) with a box that is 20 cm larger, and the new family bike Babboe Slim.


I have a large family (3-4 children)

The three-wheel cargo bikes generally offer enough space for 3-4 children. The Babboe Big and the Babboe Curve (see Fig.) both have two benches. These are suitable for 4 children. Our three-wheel model with tilting technology, the Babboe Carve, is suitable for up to 3 children. The standard equipment includes a bench that can be extended with an additional bench.

3 wheels

I have one or more dogs

The most suitable cargo bike for transporting dogs is the Babboe Dog. Even 2 large dogs have got plenty of space in this cargo bike. Long trips are no problem because the dogs will arrive at their destination safe and rested. Practical accessories: dog leashes, ramps for getting in and out, and anti-slip mats. Includes a foldable bench for small dogs or 2 children.  


I have a business / delivery service

The business cargo bikes from the Babboe Pro range are practical means of transportation and eye-catchers at the same time. With stickers featuring your company’s name, you can also use your transport bike as a mobile advertising vehicle. You’ll ride through the city in a quick, environmentally-friendly way. You can park anywhere you want and keep your things in the box safe with the lockable cover. Choose the fast Pro Bike with a black or white box and a capacity of 350 liters, the Pro Trike with a capacity of 265 or 300 liters or the Pro Trike XL with a capacity of no less than 900 liters.

Babboe Pro