Bicycle trailer or cargo bike to transport your dogs

Would you like to take your dog(s) along for a ride? A dog basket that attaches to the handlebars of your bike might work for a small dog. But if your dog is large or you have several, a dog bicycle trailer or a dog transport bicycle (cargo bicycle for dogs) is more suitable. With a bicycle trailer, your dogs sit behind you, making it difficult to keep an eye on them. With a cargo bike, your dogs sit in a high box directly in front of you. During our testing, we could see that most dogs enjoy riding in a cargo bike. In the table below you will find a few comparison points between cargo bikes and bike trailers for dogs.  


Features Babboe Cargo Bike Bicylce Trailer
Safety in traffic +++ +
Stability +++ +
Dogs in sight +++ -
Room for 1 - 2 dogs +++ -
Room for 1 - 2 children, too +++ ---
Seatbelts for children +++ ---
Turning radius - --
Driving behaviour/roadholding +++ +
Can be used as a dog buggy --- +
Safe at higher speeds +++ ++
Eyelet for attaching leashes +++ -
Material (wood vs. tent fabric) +++  +
Room for other cargo +++ --
Weather-proof +++ +++
Required parking space + +++
Sustainability +++ +
Price from approx. €1,500 from approx. €200

Source: The comparison was made with the help of Babboe Dog riders who also have experience riding with their dogs in a bicycle trailer. 

Bicycle trailers for dogs lie very low on the road and can therefore easily be overlooked by drivers. The advantage of a bicycle trailer is that you can easily hang it behind your normal bicycle. However, you must first check whether your bike is suitable for a dog bicycle trailer. Granted, a Babboe cargo bike for dogs is more expensive than a bicycle trailer. The Babboe Dog can also be used to transport children, shopping, or goods thanks to its fold-out bench. Many Babboe families have exchanged their car for a sustainable cargo bike.

Are you curious to know what else a cargo bike for dogs has to offer? The webshop has lots of information to help you decide. All cargo bikes (Babboe Dog or Dog-E, Go, Go-E and Go Mountain ) are ready to ride, delivery by freight included!

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