Cargo bike stickers

Here you will find various cargo bike stickers. Create your own unique look for your cargo bike. Choose from our fun designs or make your own.

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  1. Babboe cargo bike stickers dog paws
    Dog, Dog-E, Go, Go-E, Go Mountain
    Babboe cargo bike stickers dog paws
  2. Babboe reflective cargo bike stickers rondjes
    Big, Big-E, City, City-E, City Mountain and 26 others
    Babboe reflective cargo bike stickers rondjes
  3. WOWOW reflection strip
    Big, Big-E, City, City-E, City Mountain and 26 others
    WOWOW reflection strip

3 Items

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Cargo bike stickers

Use our cargo bike stickers to quickly make your cargo bike stand out from the crowd. Very handy for immediately recognizing your cargo bike among other bikes! There are lots of stickers to choose from. Do you want one of our fun Babboe designs, your own design or a loose sticker or do you prefer reflective stickers? There are tons of possibilities.

Babboe cargo bike stickers

You can choose from various cargo bike stickers. Do you want a sticker by Fiep Westendorp or Woezel & Pip, or do you want to go on an adventure with our own BOET? Anything is possible. You can check out various designs in our webshop. Your cargo bike will stand out from the crowd with cargo bike stickers or cargo bike decals. A positive side effect of the stickers is that you will decrease your risk of bike theft.

Cargo bike stickers: your personal design

Do you prefer to have your own design? No problem! You can choose to use your own picture or make your own design. This will make your bike feel personal and unique. Want to find out how to do this? Then read the complete instructions for designing your personal cargo bike sticker.

Loose cargo bike stickers

Maybe you don't want any stickers on your cargo bike. There are also loose stickers available that are suitable for any cargo bike model! Loose stickers are available in dog paw patterns or as round reflective stickers. Take a look in our webshop to see the different options.

Reflective cargo bike stickers

Babboe stickers are UV-resistant, weatherproof and colorfast. The cargo box decals will also last for years. And did you know that in addition to the cargo box decals and loose stickers there are also functional stickers for your cargo bike? Babboe designed reflective decals and stickers to increase safety while biking in the dark.

Stickers: advertising for your company

The possibilities are endless with the help of cargo bike stickers. Because you can make your own design, you can also have your company's logo or slogan printed on your sickers for your business cargo bike. You can go virtually anywhere with your cargo bike, and now your advertisement can too! It's a simple, efficient and affordable way to spotlight your company. Ideal!