Baby & child seats

Below you will find various options for taking your baby along on your cargo bike. With these accessories your baby can safely travel with you starting at 3 months old. Babboe has suitable seats for all ages.

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Babies and toddlers in the cargo bike

Lots of parents would like to take their baby along on the cargo bike. Now there are many options available to safely transport your baby or toddler in a cargo bike. With a Babboe cargo bike there’s no need to wait 8 or 9 months before taking your baby on a bike ride. We'll be glad to show you your options. This way you'll always know the best way to take your little one(s) along in the cargo bike. Do you know whether you need a baby seat, toddler seat or Maxi-Cosi carrier? Order all the items you need in our webshop by clicking on the button below.

Baby seat for your cargo bike

The Babboe baby seat fits every cargo bike model. The Babboe baby seat comes with an installation kit, seat belts and comfort buckle. You can safely transport babies as young as 3 months old in the cargo bike using the baby seat. We recommend using a head support and/or body support for the baby until the age of 4 our to 5 months. Two baby seats can be installed side by side, or a second child can sit next to one baby seat. You will hardly lose any space in the cargo bike.

The Maxi-Cosi in the cargo bike

The Babboe Curve, City and Mini can be fitted with a Maxi-Cosi. This is possible with the Maxi-Cosi carrier, which has ample room thanks to the rounded shape of these cargo bikes. Once the Maxi-Cosi carrier is in place, there’s still room for two additional children in the Babboe Curve and City. Please note: The Maxi-Cosi carrier is not suitable for the Babboe Big. We prefer using a baby seat in the Babboe Big because the Maxi-Cosi carrier won't fit due to the straight shape of the cargo box. You can also place a Maxi-Cosi carrier in the Babboe Slim using the Babboe Slim Maxi-Cosi carrier. Once the Maxi-Cosi is in place, there’s still room for one child on the family bike.

Switching to a toddler seat

As soon as your little one is able to sit independently, you can switch to the Babboe toddler seat. This is a comfortable seat suitable for children 8 months and older. Children are often able to use the toddler seat until the age of 18 months. The seat is made of maintenance-free, water-repellent and shock-absorbing material. The toddler seat fits any cargo bike model as well as bike trailers. Is it cold outside? Then you can purchase a warm blanket that was specially designed for this toddler seat.

Taking children along in the cargo bike

As you can see, there are plenty of options for taking your children along in a Babboe cargo bike from a young age. Order all the items you need in our webshop by clicking on the button below. Please see the instructions for more information about installing a toddler or baby seat.