Transportation for babies 3 months and older

There are many options available to safely transport your baby or toddler in a cargo bike. When you have a Babboe cargo bike there’s no need to wait 8/9 months before taking your little one on a bike ride. Here is a list of options. Choose the best way to take your little one(s) along in the cargo bike, and see the differences between the baby seat and Maxi-Cosi carrier below.

Baby bike seat for your cargo bike

baby bike seat for cargo bike

The Babboe baby bike seat fits every cargo bike model. The Babboe baby bike seat includes an installation kit, seat belts and comfort-buckle. Babies as young as 3 months can be safely transported in the cargo bike when sitting in a baby bike seat. We recommend the use of a baby seat head support and the baby seat body support until the age of four to five months. A second child can sit next to the baby bike seat, or two baby seats can be installed side-by-side on the bench. There’s hardly any loss of space in the cargo bike.


Maxi-Cosi cargo bike carrier 

baby bike seat carrier

The Babboe Curve and Babboe City can be fitted with a Maxi-Cosi carrier. The rounded shape of these cargo bike models provides plenty of room for this practical carrier. Once the Maxi-Cosi cargo bike carrier is in place, there’s still room for two additional children. Please note: the Maxi-Cosi bike carrier is only available for the Babboe City and Babboe Curve.

We advice you to place a baby bike seat instead of a Maxi Cosi in the Babboe Big. There’s no possibility to place a Maxi-Cosi carrier in the Big, due to the straight shape of the cargo box.


Transition to a toddler seat

Toddler bike seat for cargo bikeAs soon as your little one is able to sit independently, you can transition the child to a cargo bike toddler seat. This is a comfortable seat, suitable for children 8 months and older. Children are often able to use the toddler seat until the age of 18 months. The seat is made of maintenance free, water repellent and shock absorbing material. The toddler seat fits any cargo bike model, but also fits bike trailers. Is it cold outside? Use the warm blanket, specially designed for this toddler seat.

Children riding in the cargo bike

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities to take your children along in a Babboe cargo bike, even at a very young age. For more information regarding the installation of a toddler or baby seat, please refer to the instruction manuals.