Cycle through the years with Babboe


A group of parents have the idea to launch an affordable cargo bike on the market.

2006 Babboe Doorn


Babboe starts with 4 employees behind a former stable in Doorn, the Netherlands.

2007 Babboe Big


The first Babboe cargo bike launches: Babboe Big.


"The cargo bike conquers the Dutch streets."

2008 bakfietsservice aan huis


Babboe starts with their unique service at home in the Netherlands & Belgium.


"You can get back on the road quickly because of our technicians."

2009 elektrische bakfiets


The first electric cargo bike is added to the product list.

2010 Babboe City


The Babboe-family expands. The Babboe City makes its way onto the market.


"The agile and sportive two-wheeler."

2011 Babboe Belgie


Babboe crosses borders, goes live.

2012 Babboe Engeland en Duitsland


After reaching Belgium, Babboe also sells their cargo bikes in Germany and United Kingdom.


"A beautiful start of a foreign adventure."

2013 Babboe Curve


The elegant Babboe Curve and the Babboe Dog are the newest members to our family.

2014 Boekje 'Babboe lost het op!'


Babboe the small cargo bike comes alive in the booklet ‘The adventures of Babboe!’


"Running into problems? Babboe solves them for you!"

2015 Babboe Mountain


Babboe Mountain, cargo bikes with a powerful mid-drive motor are launched.


"No mountain is high enough for the Babboe Mountain."

2016 website Babboe


The Babboe website is redesigned.

2017 Babboe Carve


Two new cargo bikes are introduced: Babboe Carve and Babboe Mini.


"Babboe Carve: The best of both worlds, stability and agility."

2018 Babboe Max


Babboe launches the first electric cargo bike suitable for 6 children: Babboe Max.

2019 Try my Babboe


Babboe launches a completely new platform: Try my Babboe. Find a Babboe ambassador in your area. Make an appointment and plan a test drive!

2019 New Babboe Slim


Babboe introduces the ideal family bike for long distances: Babboe Slim.


"The Babboe Slim is the ideal family bike to explore the world with your little ones"