Two or three wheels Cargo Bike?

Babboe offers a wide range of cargo bikes. The first choice to make when purchasing a Babboe cargo bike is whether to go for a two-wheel or three-wheel cargo bike. Do you opt for light and agile, and thus two wheels, or do you prefer a three-wheeler because you like stability and space? Here at Babboe there’s something for everybody!

Two-wheel cargo bike

Babboe City - tweewieler bakfietsThe Babboe City, a two-wheel cargo bike, has room for two children and groceries. A two-wheel cargo bike actually handles the same as a regular bicycle. You can imagine that keeping the box balanced is a bit harder when it is loaded. That is why we mounted only one bench in the cargo bike. However, it is possible to expand seating room in the cargo bike to 4. Take a look at the advantages in the list below or check out the specifications of our two-wheel cargo bike.

  • Suitable for 2 children
  • There's also room for a Maxi-Cosi carrier
  • Possibility to seat 4 children
  • Cycles like a regular bike
  • Suitable for long distance cycling
  • Available with electric pedal assistance

Three-wheel cargo bike

Babboe Curve - driewieler bakfietsFour children can ride along In a three-wheel cargo bike such as the Babboe Big and Babboe Curve. And there’s room for groceries too. The three wheels make this a very stable cargo bike. Taking off on a three-wheel cargo bike is easy, even with four children in the box. Even the youngest member of the family can ride along, since a baby seat or Maxi-Cosi is easily mounted in the cargo bike. Take a look at the advantages in the list below or check out the specifications of our three-wheel cargo bikes.

  • Suitable for 4 children
  • The three wheels make it very stable
  • Lots of space for extra groceries
  • Also available with electric pedal assistance 

A three-wheeler that rides like a two-wheeler

Babboe Curve - driewieler bakfietsThe Babboe Carve combines the stability of a three-wheel cargo bike with the agility of a two-wheel cargo bike. The ‘carve mechanism’ lets the box tilt with the bike when taking corners, so it feels as if you were riding a two-wheeler. A unique cycling experience with excellent road holding! The box seats 2 children. A Maxi-Cosi carrier can be mounted in the Babboe Carve, so the smallest member of the family can come along too. See the Babboe Carve and all its features

  • Suitable for 1-2 children
  • Stable, yet agile
  • Unique ‘carve-mechanism’
  • Electric pedal assistance

Test the cargo bikes for yourself

Is it hard to make a choice based on these specifications? We fully understand! Visit one of our dealers or ambassadors near you for a test ride.

First impressions

Not quite ready yet for a new Babboe cargo bike? Take a look at the videos below first. This will give you a good first impression of the Babboe cargo bike. It shows both the two-wheel and three-wheel cargo bikes.