The Connection Spray protects electric connections and contacts from moisture, corrosion and oxidation. Of course, the Chain Lubricator is used to lubricate the chain. Finally, the Protector spray adds a protective wax layer to the paint and chrome parts.


Weight (kg) 0.437
Brand Cyclon
Category Maintenance products
Suitable for cargo bike variant Big, Big-E, City, City-E, City Mountain, Curve, Curve-E, Curve Mountain, Mini, Mini-E, Mini Mountain, Carve-E, Carve Mountain, Dog, Dog-E, Max-E, Slim Mountain, Pro Bike, Pro Bike-E, Pro Bike Midmotor, Pro Trike, Pro Trike-E, Pro Trike XL Midmotor, Pro Bike Flightcase, Pro Bike Flightcase-E, Pro Bike Flightcase Midmotor, Go, Go-E, Go Mountain, Flow-E, Flow Mountain
Guarantee 6 months
Cyclon maintenance kit
Cyclon maintenance kit
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