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  • Tips for riding a cargo bike

    Riding a bakfiets cargo bike is not hard, but it is different than riding a regular bike. To give you some tips, we have created several tips and videos.

  • How to store or park your cargo bike

    When owning or purchasing a cargo bike, it’s wise to consider where you will store the bike. Enjoy your cargo bike for years to come by keeping it in a safe and dry location. Preferably store your cargo bike in a shed, storage room or garage. Your cargo bike will stay dry and you won't risk it being stolen. However, there is also the possibility to keep your cargo bike outdoors. Read more about that topic on this page. If you don’t own a cargo bike yet, but you would like to purchase one, click the button below to go to our online shop.

  • Tips for slippery roads and cargo bikes in the snow

    Even when roads have been cleared and gritted, as a biker you often encounter slippery roads. Moreover, all that salt and sand isn't good for your cargo bike. To avoid accidents and possible damage, we offer the following cargo bike tips for riding in winter:

  • From what age can a toddler be in the toddler seat?

    A toddler who can sit independently from 8 months and has a strong neck can be transported safely with a toddler seat in the cargo bike.

    On average, the toddler seat is used for children between 8 and 18 months.

  • What is the difference between the Babboe Big and Babboe Curve?

    The Babboe Big has a robust look thanks to its recognisable 'old-fashioned' square wooden box. The Babboe Curve has a modern look and the rounded shapes of the wooden box give it an elegant appearance. But besides the design of the cargo bike, there are more differences between the Babboe Big and the Babboe Curve.

  • What are tips against cargo bike theft?

    The tips below will reduce the chance of getting your cargo bike stolen.

  • What are the characteristics of the motor systems and batteries?

    At Babboe, all cargo bike models are available with motor assistance. Every Babboe electric bakfiets also has a practical pushing aid. This allows you to move your (fully charged) cargo bike easily even when you are not riding it - for example: to transport it from a garage to the cycle path.

  • Which type of maxi cosi fits in the Babboe cargo bike?

    View the table here with all types of maxi cosi's that fit in our maxi cosi carrier.

  • Can you mount a kid's bike seat onto the rear carrier of a cargo bike?

    From a safety point of view, we do not recommend mounting a bike seat onto the rear carrier of a cargo bike. The rear carriers have a maximum load and are therefore not sturdy enough to carry older kids in particular. Transporting children on the rear carrier without a bike seat isn't recommended either. The best and safest way to transport children is to have them take a seat in the box of the cargo bike.

  • Does a Maxi-Cosi fit in the Babboe Big?

    Unfortunately, the Babboe Big does not fit a Maxi-Cosi carrier. We recommend a baby seat if you wish to transport your baby in the Babboe Big. The baby seat can be mounted onto the bench, so that there are still three seats.

  • How do I clean my rain tent?

    Rain tents on cargo bikes need to be tough. Rain tents can be used all year round to protect against rain, wind, cold, hail and snow. Below is some advice for keeping your rain tent in good condition.

  • Instructions on cargo bike decals / stickers

    If you're interested in buying a box decal with your own design or logo? Here you can see what you need to do in order to get your own design box decal.

  • How do I assemble the accessories on my cargo bike?

    When you order accessories with your cargo bike, they will be delivered directly with the bike when we have them in stock. When delivered, the accessories are not assembled.

    Our accessories are designed so that they can easily be assembled on the cargo bike. The manual is included with the item and you will find several instruction videos here.

    The more permanent accessories such as a second bench and a luggage carrier must also be assembled by yourself. If the manual and the video are not sufficient, you can always contact Babboe Customer Service.

  • Where can I find my cargo bike's framenumber

    The frame number on a Babboe cargo bike can be found on the seatpostor on the left side of the bottom bracket.