Do-it-yourself cargo bike maintenance

You do not have to be a mechanic to take good care of your cargo bike. You can easily do a lot of maintenance yourself. The maintenance takes little time and ensures that your cargo bike lasts much longer! We are happy to give you a hand by indicating what you should do.

Daily maintenance

  • Make sure your cargo bike is as dry as possible.
  • Is the cargo bike wet? Remove water over the frame and dry the box.
  • Clean your bike after a ride on sandy, scattered or snowy roads.

Monthly maintenance

The monthly maintenance of your cargo bike takes about 15 minutes. Make a note of it in your diary or put it on the calendar and plan fifteen minutes per month for the maintenance of your tricycle. In these 15 minutes you can do the following:

  • Check that the tires are properly inflated
  • Lubricate both the chain and other moving parts.
  • Tighten the box-bolts properly.
  • Finally, give your cargo bike a small clean-up.

Do you want some more information about these tasks? View the instructions for the monthly check-up.


Do a somewhat larger check every six months. This takes about 30-90 minutes. Make a note of it in your calendar or put it on the calendar. With a semi-annual check it is good to follow the following parts:

  • Check the chain
  • Check pedals and bottom bracket
  • Check tires (both for profile and fully inflated)
  • Lubricate the lock
  • Secure and grease stem
  • Check the front brake and adjust if necessary
  • Check the rear brake and adjust if necessary
  • Check the gears and adjust if necessary

Professional cargo bike maintenance

If you intend to maintain your cargo bike yourself, do not forget that a first inspection is required to guarantee the warranty. Within 4-12 weeks after delivery, a first inspection is required by an authorized bicycle mechanic. With each new bicycle, the cables and spokes still stretch a lot. In addition to the first inspection, we also recommend that you have your cargo bike checked by a professional bicycle mechanic for major maintenance.

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