Cargo bike accessories

There are various accessories available for the Babboe cargo bike that make the ride on the cargo bike even more enjoyable. In addition to functional cargo bike accessories, such as the toddler seat and the maxi cosi holder, there are also accessories that protect the cargo bike and/or children against sun, wind and rain, such as a rain tent, cargo bike cover and sunroof.

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  1. AXA chain lock Linq
    Big, Big-E, City, City-E, City Mountain and 26 others
    • Extra lock for your cargo bike
    • High-quality lock
    • Rubber grips for extra grip
    AXA chain lock Linq

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Cargo bike accessories

For your own Babboe cargo bike you can choose from a wide range of cargo bike accessories at Babboe. These cargo bike accessories are specially designed for you and will make the ride with the cargo bike even more fun and easier. All out items have been developed based on insights from young parents. And we are constantly adding new accessories. In 2019, for example, we launched the BOET by Babboe collection. These are cheerful cargo bike accessories in Babboe style, such as the saddle cover or the bicycle bell. Below you will find our top-3 accessories, so you can safely take your child with you on the cargo bike.

Maxi cosi carrier for the cargo bike

The absolute favourite among our accessories is the maxi cosi carrier for the cargo bike. This allows you to use your own maxi cosi on the cargo bike. The special bracket can easily be mounted on your cargo bike (except for the Babboe Big). Then click the maxi cosi into the carrier and fasten it extra with the safety belts. When ordering, decide whether you want the maxi cosi carrier mounted in the cargo bike or whether you want to do that yourself at home. The latter will no problem at all, thanks to the manual and handy instruction video.

Baby seat for cargo bike: fits on every Babboe cargo bike

You don't have a Maxi-Cosi, so how can you take your baby ion the cargo bike? Babboe also has a practical and, above all, safe solution for this: the baby seat for the cargo bike, just like the maxi cosi carrier, is very popular with our customers. This is mounted on the bench on the handlebar side. Your baby is within easy reach, close to the handlebars and can enjoy the fresh air there from the age of 3 months. If your baby is still very small, the baby seat for the cargo bike can be expanded with a head reducer and a body reducer. The baby seat for the cargo bike is also a good solution for mothers who want to take two kids with them.

Cargo bike child seat - stylish and comfortable seating

The third most popular of our accessories is definitely the child seat for the cargo bike. Since 2019, the child seats for the cargo bike are for sale in five cheerful BOET by Babboe designs. These are Blue with Zebras (blue with zebras), Spotty Dots (red with white dots), Sunny Silver (silver), Crocodile Tears (white with blue drops) and Yipee Yellow (bright yellow). All seats are suitable for all small children who can sit up properly independently. Most parents use this seat in the cargo bike from the age of 18 months.