Cargo bike covers

See below for all cargo bike covers for all cargo bike models. Keep your cargo bike nicely clean and dry, and when it has to be kept outdoors for a time too.

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Covers for your Cargo bike

Is your cargo bike often parked outdoors? Then protect your cargo bike with a cargo bike cover. This cover makes sure your cargo bike stays clean and dry, even when it's parked outdoors. The cargo bike cover not only protects your bike against rain, but also against dust, leaves and dirt. So your cargo bike stays beautiful for longer, and lasts longer too. We have a suitable cover for every cargo bike. As Babboe, you can choose between a cargo bike cover, cargo bike sheet and cargo box cover. The cargo bike cover is a luxury cover made of waterproof and ventilating material. Some seams have reflective material added. The cover is made from supple material, so it's easy to store when not in use. The cargo bike cover is so big that it goes over the entire cargo bike. So you not only protect the box, but also the entire cargo bike. The cargo bike sheet looks like the cargo bike cover, but is made from a different material. The sheet is also water repellent, but has no reflective parts. And the sheet also covers the entire cargo bike. The box cover is for stretching over the box of the cargo bike. So it doesn't cover the entire bike like the cargo bike cover does. The box cover protects the box against rain and dirt, but is also handy to cover your shopping when cycling.

Know which cargo bike cover you need? View prices and models. We have a matching cover for every cargo bike.