Which is the best cargo bike for 2 kids?

Cargo bike for 2 kids: what you need to know

JDo you have two children under the age of 6 and want to purchase a cargo bike? Good idea! Because a cargo bike makes life easier in so many ways. It starts when you take the kids to nursery: they'll sit side-by-side in the cargo box, you can keep an eye on them, and you all can have a relaxed chat as you make your way there. Of course, you can even take all the things you might need and possibly even a couple friends. Then you can just head off to work or go shopping. But let's start from scratch: which is the best cargo bike for 2 kids? We are happy to help you make a decision by introducing you to our bikes for 2 kids.

Babboe Mini: compact entry-level model that is easy to ride

The Babboe mini cargo bike is our smallest model and a great cargo bike for 2 kids. Because it is not significantly larger or longer than a conventional bike. Just start riding and you'll barely realise that you're on a cargo bike. The kids will sit side-by-side in the box in front of the handlebars and can see where you're heading. Another benefit of this bike for 2 kids is that it's easy to park. And, if you don't have your kids along, it's also great for your shopping, plants and for all kind of things to transport.

Babboe City: agile city bike with room for friends

The Babboe City cargo bike is, as the name implies, ideal for the city. This model also works well for 2 children. In principle, everything's the same as the smaller Mini, although the cargo box is 20 cm longer and therefore more spacious. Due to its length, it will need a little more parking space. Either you can let your children ride side-by-side on the bench and leave room for shopping bags or toys or you can add a second bench to take your children's playmates along for a ride. The advantage of this cargo bike for 2 kids is that you can shop with your children or take picnic items without things getting crammed in the cargo box.

Prefer a cargo tricycle? Transport your 2 kids with a tricyle.

Many families prefer a stable tricycle with their two children. This actually offers space for 4 children, but, of course, 2 kids will feel right at home in it, too. The advantage of a cargo tricycle is that you can stay on the bike when stopped at a traffic light without having to balance the weight of the bike yourself. Some riders also find getting on and off a tricycle easier. Available models include the Babboe Big, the Babboe Curve, and the Babboe Carve, all of which are suitable as a cargo bike for transporting 2 kids. Take a look at all the models in our web shop. We look forward to hearing which model you choose.

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