Looking for a cargo bike? Choose the best Dutch cargo bike brand!

Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular in both the big cities and the countryside. They are an urban status symbol for environmentally aware parents. If you want to buy a cargo bike, there are a few things to consider.

Which of the cargo bikes best suits me?

Cargo bikes come in two- and three-wheeled models. Two-wheeled cargo bikes can be ridden like a normal two-wheeled bicycle and are more manoeuvrable than three-wheeled cargo bikes. Three-wheeled cargo bikes, however, are more robust and stable. You will ultimately decide depending on the riding style you prefer and how much you want to transport. We recommend trying both types before buying. Secondly, you have to decide if you want an e-cargo bike or a cargo bike without motorised assistance. The decision depends on your ability to charge the bike daily, the distances you plan on covering, and road conditions. If you opt for an e-cargo bike, then you have the choice between a rear hub motor or a powerful mid-engine.

Which suits you and your family better: a non-electric or electric cargo bike? If you use the cargo bike only for short, mostly flat stretches, then a non-electric Babboe may be sufficient. If you ride many miles every day or are transporting a number of children with you, then an electric cargo bike will be more convenient. Do you often have a full transport box? Do you travel extremely long distances or do you live in a mountainous area? Then we definitely recommend an electric cargo bike with a strong mid-engine (Babboe Mountain).

What can I use a cargo bike for?

There are different cargo bike models suitable for transporting children. From the small Babboe Mini for 1-2 children to the Babboe Max for 6 children, Babboe has a wide selection of cargo bikes on offer. And, especially for dog owners, there's Babboe Dog with a practical ramp to let four-legged friends get on and off on their own If you mainly want to go on long bike rides and take 1-2 children safely on your bike, then the family bike Babboe Slim is ideal. For the pure transport of goods, we recommend the practical transport cargo bike with lockable flap.

Where can I test and buy a Babboe cargo bike?

You can buy a Babboe cargo bike online from the Babboe webshop. There you will also find a wide range of accessories for all Babboe models. Test rides are possible at our partner bicycle shops or at trade shows.

How much do they cost and what payment methods do you accept?

Cargo bikes can be purchased online using secure payment methods. Whether you order online or from one of our specialist dealers, the prices are the same. The advantage of buying online is that your Babboe is delivered for free and ready to ride. Delivery will be scheduled with the forwarding company.

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