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This means that we deliver to several countries directly. It’s not yet possible to buy a cargo bike worldwide directly through our online shop, but don’t fret! Our Babboe dealers are always there to offer test rides on our cargo bikes. Below you can read about the difference between electric and non-electric models as well as the Babboe Dog, ideal for a dog-loving family.

Electric or non-electric cargo bike?

When do pick an electric or a non-electric cargo bike? This depends, among other things, on how many kilometers you plan to cycle with your cargo bike. If you only want to use the cargo bike for short distances, a non-electric Babboe cargo bike will do great. If you plan on loading the cargo bike to the rim, travel long distances, use the cargo bike to commute and/or you live in a hilly area, then an electric cargo bike is the ideal solution!

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Cargo bikes for dogs

The Babboe Dog is the ideal cargo bike for dog lovers. The cargo bike is equipped with a useful ramp, allowing your dog to walk in and out of the cargo bike on its own. In addition, there are two convenient attachment points in the box, to keep your dogs safely in the box. The Babboe Dog can be equipped with anti-slip stickers, to prevent your dog from slipping, even with wet feet.

Cargo bike for dogs