A bike for your dog: the Babboe Dog cargo bike

Bike dog

Like a puppy going to it's first puppy class and getting lots of new impressions. Your dog will also get lots of impressions in a cargo bike. Can you picture it already? A happy dog with a wagging tail and an excited face in a cargo bike. With the Babboe Dog, not only is a whole new adventure waiting for your dog, but you as well.

You see it more and more often. A bike for dogs. He's on his way to a place where he can play, together with his master. Running alongside the bike is usually a bit too far, but the cargo bike is a good alternative. Cycling in the fresh air with your dog to a place to go for a walk is also a wonderful sensation.

The Babboe Dog in the spotlight

You can recognise the Babboe Dog by the strong and sturdy box, but the gangplank is what really makes the cargo bike for dogs special. You don't need to lift your four-legged friend into the box, he can walk in and out himself. And should you have two (large) dogs, then it's really easy. Both dogs can walk into the box and take their place. Ready to go!

As well as the gangplank, the Babboe Dog also has a folding bench with belt, which means 2 children can come too. But there are also rings for the dog lead, so that the dog can't jump out of the box and stays safely in position. In addition, the dog cargo bike also has double headlights, 7 gears and a parking brake. This makes parking the cargo bike simple and the cargo bike won't roll away when parked.

The Babboe Dog is also available with electrical support. The Babboe Dog-E has the motor in the rear wheel. It is controlled by a rotation sensor at the pedals, and the electric support kicks in as soon as the rear wheel completes one revolution. Thanks to the pedal assistance with 8 different settings, you can effortlessly cycle long distances and get anywhere with your four-legged companion.


There are various accessories which you can use with the Babboe Dog. For example a rain tent, an anti-slip mat, a cargo bike cover and a box cover for just the box. This means your dog stays dry in the cargo bike, even when it's raining cats and dogs. The Babboe Dog can also be equipped with a comfortable dog cushion, so that walking in and out with wet paws will be no problem. As well as the dog, there is also space for 2 children, and the little ones can get comfortable in the cargo bike with a baby seat, toddler seat, little kid seat or cushion up front on the bench.

Would you like to see your dog in a cargo bike and experience what it's like to cycle together? Then take a test ride at a sales point near you. Who knows, maybe you'll soon have lots of adventures together!


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