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You've probably seen those bicycles for dogs about: Babboe's dog cargo bikes. You see a cute head, flapping ears and a wagging tail. it's love at first sight, and maybe you're thinking of buying a bicycle for your dog in the near future. Definitely! But before you buy a dog cargo bike, it's a good idea to think whether your dog will like being transported like royalty. The most important thing is that the dog feels at ease. Of course, it may be that your faithful four-legged companion finds the dog cargo bike exciting. 

Which bicycle for my dog is most suitable?

That depends on the number of dogs you want to transport and whether you also want to use the cargo bike for any children. The best bicycle for dogs are the Babboe Dog and the Babboe Go. The Babboe Go has space for 2 children and a medium-sized dog, and in the Babboe Dog there is even sufficient space for 2 large dogs. The Babboe Dog also has a (folding) bench, which can be used to transport small dogs or 2 children.

Take a test ride

It's understandable that you might find it difficult to buy the right dog cargo bike. Particularly if you've never been on a three-wheeler (with electric support). This is why we offer the option to test our dog cargo bikes first. Take a test ride on the Babboe Dog or the Babboe Go during a personal appointment or at a Babboe dealer near you. Your dog is more than welcome to try the experience of being transported in a dog cargo bike. 

Some dogs run straight into the dog cargo bike, while others are a bit hesitant. What do you think your dog will do? You'll soon find out whether your dog likes being on the road in a dog cargo bike during a test ride. You as the dog's master will know how best to entice the dog into the cargo bike. Give your dog some time to get used to the cargo bike. If getting the dog into the cargo bike really isn't working, then you know that a dog cargo bike may not be the best choice for you. And if your dog absolutely loves it, then you know you can buy that dog cargo bike!

Test a dog cargo bike

Accessories for extra safety

The dog cargo bikes are equipped with eyelets for the dog lead so your dog can sit in the box while on the lead. In addition, you can also equip the dog cargo bike with accessories for extra safety. For example an anti-slip mat. Your dog can walk easily into the box and can stand quietly in the box thanks to the anti-slip mat.

Is your dog exhausted after a long walk? Then it can lie comfortably on a dog cushion on the floor of the cargo bike. Do you plan to cycle in the dark and want to be extra-visible? Then you can equip the box with reflective tape.

All in all, you can make it as comfortable as possible for your dog. The most important thing is still that your dog feels at ease in the dog cargo bike. 

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