A long john cargo bike that is perfect for urban cycling: the Babboe City

long john cargo bike

Find yourself in traffic often when taking your kids to and from daycare? And do you live in a bustling city? Then chances are you experience pressure from all sides. With two kids on your bike, cycling in the city can be challenging, such as riding in a straight line and avoiding collisions with oncoming or passing cyclists.

The Babboe City to the rescue! This easily maneuverable and slim long john cargo bike will make you feel like a fish in water in the city. It lets you easily cover long distances and the kids can see all around them while sitting comfortably. That's because they sit in the box in front of you, which is nice for the kids and also lets you keep an eye on them while biking. A win-win situation!

Spotlight on the Babboe City

The best feature of the Babboe City is its maneuverability. The steering motion of this long john cargo bike is the same as on a normal bike, making it easy to get where you need to be. Thanks to the slim design, this narrow long john cargo bike is highly practical on busy roads. Even with a full box, you can easily maneuver through traffic – perfect for biking in the city.

Considering an electric bike? The Babboe City to the rescue once again! That's because this long john cargo bike is also available in an electric version. Better yet, the electric Babboe City is available in two different models. The motor on the Babboe City-E is on the rear wheel. It is powered by a rotation sensor in the pedals, which means that once the rear wheel makes a complete rotation, the electrical support kicks in. The Babboe City Mountain has a Yamaha mid-drive motor. This is quite a bit more powerful than a rear wheel motor and offers immediate assistance. The amount of support provided depends on how hard you pedal. This creates a smooth and natural cycling experience.


The Babboe City has room for two children but, thanks to an extra bench, you can create four seats. You can also install a baby seat (Maxi-Cosi) carrier in the box, so that you can bike with three children. This lets you bring your baby with you on the long john cargo bike in a babyseat from the age of three months. There are lots of other accessories that can be used with the Babboe City, such as a babyseat, toddler seat or cushions in a variety of designs for use on the bench. Other options include a rain tent, sunroof, non-slip mat, bike cover and cover for the box only. This way, your kids will always be comfortable and dry in the long john cargo bike.




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