With the three-point seatbelts with shoulder pads, your children will sit securely and safely on the bench of the cargo bike. The three-point belt is attached at the bench.


Weight (kg) 0.12
Mounting Steering side
Brand Babboe
Category Parts
Suitable for cargo bike variant City, City-E, City Mountain, Curve, Curve-E, Curve Mountain, Mini, Mini-E, Mini Mountain, Carve-E, Carve Mountain, Max-E, Slim Mountain, Go, Go-E, Go Mountain, Flow-E, Flow Mountain
Quantity 1 piece
The three-point belt is attached at the bench seat. The belts are supplied separately, without mounting parts. If you also need mounting parts, please contact our customer service team.
Babboe three-point belt
Babboe three-point belt
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