Various types of spokes are available. Consider the following before placing your order: 1. Do you need a spoke for the front wheel or back wheel? The spoke length depends on the size of the wheel, among other things. 2. Are you looking for spokes for the right or left side of the wheel? Sit on the saddle to determine which side you require. When sitting on the saddle, the left side will be on your left and the right side on your right. 3. Check the type of spoke nipple you need carefully. There are different nipple sizes and types (round or polyax). Still not 100% sure? Contact our customer service department.


Weight (kg) 0.1
Brand Babboe
Quantity 5 pieces


Spoke thickness 13
Type spoke nipple Polyax
Includes spoke nipple Yes
Spoke side Right, Left
Spoke wheel Front wheel (20 inch)
Type of spoke Plain
Spoke length 170
Spoke nipple 13Gx13,50

Accessories & Parts

Material Stainless steel
Babboe spokes 13/170 (5 pieces)
Babboe spokes 13/170 (5 pieces)
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