Babboe combines back-to-school with World Bicycle Relief

Proceeds of cargo bike sales to provide families elsewhere with bikes

September 30, 2021 AMERSFOORT – To the Dutch, the bicycle is a convenient way to get around, but this same bicycle can make a life-changing difference for others. Babboe knows all too well that a (cargo) bike can make life a whole lot eaiser. That is why Babboe is donating a certain amount from every cargo bike sale during the back-to-school period to World Bicycle Relief to support their mission to use bicycles to improve the lives of people in developing regions.

Babboe has chosen the back-to-school period to emphasize that having a bike is something that we often take for granted. That is why the company is donating part of the proceeds from September sales to World Bicycle Relief. An internal campaign is also being conducted, with various activities aimed at involving staff and suppliers in this initiative. This will enable us to help fund a total of 200 special WBR bicycles for individuals or families in developing countries.

Chiem de Winter, Managing Director of Babboe, explains: “We're very exciting about the possibility to support World Bicycle Relief. After all, mobility and safety are top priorities for us, alongside freedom and enjoyment. We want everyone in the world to have this same experience and World Bicycle Relief makes this possible in those areas where these core values are not an everyday occurrence, but extremely important all the same."

About World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief was founded in 2005 and has since donated more than half a million bicycles to people in developing regions. They believe that bicycles empower people to improve the quality of life of entire communities. WBR has developed a special bike that is designed for transporting heavy loads, covering long distances and riding on rugged terrain called the Buffalo Bicycle. More info can be found at