What goes in the box?

Babboe does not only manufacture cargo bikes for parents with young children. We also kept other users in mind. Did you know we have cargo bikes for dogs and cargo bikes for businesses in our assortment? From now on you can transport your four-legged friend as well. Or maybe you would like to use your cargo bike for your business. When it comes to Babboe’s cargo bikes, the possibilities are endless!

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A cargo bike for and with children

Transporting children in a Babboe cargo bike Babboe cargo bikes are often used to safely transport children to school, daycare or the babysitter. It’s very convenient: just leave the car at home and have some mobile quality time with the kids!

A two-wheel cargo bike is suitable for transporting two children. Adding an extra bench will allow you to seat 4 children. If you are also installing a Maxi-Cosi carrier, you will be able to transport up to three additional children in the cargo bike.

Three-wheel cargo bikes are a bit roomier and come standard with two benches. Three-wheel cargo bikes have all sorts of possibilities to take along babies or toddlers. If you are installing a Maxi-Cosi carrier in the Babboe Curve, you will be able to transport two additional children. The Babboe Big has enough room for a baby seat and 3 seats.

Cargo bike for dogs

Do you enjoy going places with your dog: going for a walk along the beach or in the woods? No problem with the Babboe Dog! After all, it is the first cargo bike we specially designed with dogs in mind. Your dogs will be safe in the Babboe Dog. The cargo bike has a convenient ramp with anti-slip mat and a handy metal ‘eyelet’ for dog leads. This will prevent the dogs from jumping out of the box. Would you also like to bring your children along? No problem! There is room for 2 children on the folding bench in the Babboe Dog. Are you curious to see whether your dog likes sitting in the cargo bike? Come for a test ride and bring your dog along.

Freight cargo bikes

Although cargo bikes are mainly known for transporting children nowadays, the cargo bike’s original purpose was to transport goods. Slowly but surely, this green mode of transportation has been gaining popularity. If you are an entrepreneur, Babboe will help you find the cargo bike that suits you best.

The Babboe Transporter is a robust three-wheel cargo bike with a lockable lid. The spacious box allows for a maximum load of 100 kg. Go for the Babboe City Cargo, if you are looking for a faster, more agile model. The two-wheel cargo bike is equipped with a beautiful and robust flight case, with a load capacity of up to 80 kg.

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