Babboe Transporter freight bicycle | Ideal for delivery services

Freight bike for entrepreneurs | Babboe Transporter

bike transport box

The Babboe Transporter freight bike is a sturdy 3 wheeler with a lockable lid, the ideal freight bicycle for delivery services. The bike's transport box has a load capacity of up to 100 kg. It can also be used it as an advertising medium. The freight bike can be personalised with cargo box decals. You can ride it anywhere, even in low emission zones.


Electric freight bike | Babboe Transporter-E 

freight bicycle

Electric pedal assistance is no luxury when you're transporting goods. That’s why Babboe also offers an electric version, the Babboe Transporter-E freight bike. With the motor located in the rear wheel and 7 gears you can easily reach your next customer. The pedal assistance gives you that boost your need, even with 100 kg worth of cargo in the bike transport box. 


Purchasing a Babboe Transporter | bike transport box

freight bike

Babboe freight bikes are mainly sold online to keep them affordable. We stand behind the quality of our freight bikes, that’s why Babboe customers receive a 5-year warranty.

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