Cargo bike rain protection

With a Babboe cargo bike you can cycle through any kind of weather. A handy Babboe rain tent will keep your children dry. The canopy is available in different colours and is easy to install.

Babboe cargo bike rain tent

Babboe cargo bike rain tent

The rain tent is available for the Babboe Big, City, Curve, Mini, Carve en Dog The rain tent will not only protect your children from the rain, but also from strong wind. A rain tent will always keep your children warm and dry. This means you can use your cargo bike even in bad weather! The rain tent is ready to use upon delivery and is easily mounted into the corners of the Babboe cargo bike using the tent poles. Should you require any help mounting the rain tent, please refer to the mounting instructions.

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Cargo bike rain cover: protect your cargo bike

Cargo bike rain cover

Your cargo bike could use some protection. Especially if you often leave your cargo bike outside, we recommend that you cover your bike with a cargo bike cover. This keeps your cargo bike dry and looking good longer. The cargo bike cover is available in a standard and luxury version.

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Cargo bike box cover: protect your cargo bike box

Cargo bike Box cover

The cargo bike box cover keeps your cargo bike box dry and clean. For instance, it will help you keep the benches in the cargo bike dry while you’re out doing some shopping on a rainy day. The cover is also ideal for when you want to transport goods with the cargo bike without getting them wet. It also comes in handy when you’re transporting waste paper to be recycled so it doesn’t get blown away!

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