How to store or park your cargo bike

When owning or purchasing a cargo bike, it’s wise to consider where you will store the bike. Enjoy your cargo bike for years to come by keeping it in a safe and dry location. Preferably store your cargo bike in a shed, storage room or garage. Your cargo bike will stay dry and you won't risk it being stolen. However, there is also the possibility to keep your cargo bike outdoors. Read more about it below.

Storing your cargo bike outdoors

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If you can’t store your cargo bike in a covered area, it is still possible to park it in the garden or on the pavement. We do recommend covering your cargo bike with a cargo bike cover when it is parked outdoors day and night. The cover will protect your cargo bike from the elements and will help to prevent rust. Don’t forget to read our anti-theft tips, if you keep your cargo bike outside.


Parking your cargo bike

Babboe Curve parkerenConsider where you will park your cargo bike when you take it out for a ride. There should be enough space for the children to get in or out of the box and to take off easily. Also ensure that other road users are not affected by the cargo bike. Moreover, use a good bike lock when parking your cargo bike. More and more locations have dedicated cargo bike parking spots, those are ideal to park and securely lock your cargo bike.