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The Babboe Carve owes its name to the patented carve mechanism. The Babboe Carve was launched in May 2017. It’s a cool cargo bike with beautiful, rounded shapes. The box trike combines the stability of a 3 wheel cargo bike with the agility of a 2 wheel cargo bike. The ‘carve mechanism’ lets the box tilt with the bike when taking corners, so it feels as if you were riding a 2 wheeler. This tilting motion is also known as ‘carving’. This provides a unique cycling experience and excellent road holding. The box has space for 2 children as standard. A Maxi-Cosi carrier can also be mounted in the Babboe Carve, so that you can also take the smallest kids with you.

Babboe Carve fans Babboe Carve fans

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Babboe Carve

Babboe Carve, sporty cargo bike with unique carving box

Unique cycling experience because the box moves with you while cycling through the bends

Babboe Carve

Carve mechanism - A unique cycling experience

The box tilts with the bike when taking corners. This means the steering motion is virtually the same as with a regular bicycle or two-wheel cargo bike, despite the two wheels at the front. This gives you a unique cycling experience and excellent road holding.

Carve mechanism
Babboe Carve

Unique design - The best of both worlds

The Babboe Carve received the Good Industrial Design Award, as nothing was compromised on this cargo bike. The Babboe Carve offers the best of both worlds: the stability of a three-wheel cargo bike and the manoeuvrability of a two-wheel cargo bike.

Unique design
Babboe Carve Mountain

Yamaha mid-drive motor - Experience natural pedal assistance

With the Enviolo (Nuvinci) stepless shifting system and the force sensor, the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor adapts the amount of assistance to your own leg power, as if you’re doing all the pedalling by yourself.

Yamaha mid-drive motor

Compare the Carve cargo bikes:

Babboe Carve Mountain

Babboe Carve Mountain

Babboe Carve-E

Babboe Carve-E
Electric cargo bike
Electric cargo bike
Electric cargo bike
Luggage carrier
LED lighting via battery (front and rear)
LED lighting via battery (front and rear)
Type of gear
Stepless hub
Battery location
Under the bench
Under the luggage carrier
Motor position
Rear wheel motor
Motor technology
Force (Nm)
Type of sensor
Power and speed
Rotation and speed
Rolling roads, Hilly roads
Flat roads, Rolling roads

Unique cycling experience

Riding a Babboe Carve is a unique experience. Despite the 2 wheels at the front, the cycling experience with this cool cargo bike is the same as if you were riding a regular bicycle or a two-wheel cargo bike. The steering movement is almost the same as with a regular bicycle or 2 wheel cargo bike. There are two models: Electric Carve and Carve Mountain.

Electric Babboe Carve box trike | Fast and sustainable

The Babboe Carve-E’s motor is located in the rear wheel. The lithium-ion battery can be easily charged and has an action radius of about 24 to 37 miles of pedal assistance! The Babboe Carve-E is a green and economical alternative to the car, in part due to its pedal assistance. A unique cycling experience with excellent road holding!

Babboe Carve Mountain box trike | Even more powerful

The Babboe Carve Mountain lives up to its name; thanks to the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor and NuVinci stepless shifting system, this cargo bike can tackle any mountain. It allows for an effortless ride in hilly areas, even when children are riding along in the box. The Babboe Carve Mountain is also ideal for travelling longer distances.

Cargo bike lighting | Excellent visibility on the road

The Babboe Carve comes with front and rear lighting. Lighting on the Babboe Carve Mountain is powered by the battery pack underneath the bench and can be operated from the handlebar. Lighting on the Babboe Carve-E is powered by batteries. The front of the cargo bike has two lights attached underneath the box. The rear light is mounted on the support underneath the saddle.

Good Industrial Design Award | Best cargo bike

Cargo bike award for the Babboe Carve The Babboe Carve received the Good Industrial Design Award for its uncompromising design with regards to safety, experience, design, technology and ease of use. The Babboe Carve offers a unique cycling experience and is safe and easy to use.

Testing the Babboe Carve

Experience for yourself just how easy it is to ride this cool cargo bike before purchasing one. Take a Babboe Carve for a test ride during one of our test days. Would you rather obtain more information about the other Babboe models first?