Service and maintenance


Babboe offers their customers the option to do the final assembly if they want. The technical parts are already assembled, it’s mostly the final assembly that can be done yourself. The packages consist of a front frame, back frame and the woorden panels for the cargo box. The Babboe cargo bike delivery will include an assembly guide and a convenient toolkit. If you prefer to use your own toolkit, these are the required tools:

  • Two wrenches of 17 mm
  • 15 mm spanner or ring spanner
  • 10 mm spanner or ring spanner
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Two wrenches of 5 mm and 6 mm


The Babboe Cargo bikes need the same maintenance as a normal bike. The moving parts must be lubricated regularly, the gear and brakes must be adjusted in time and, for example, the derailleur of the Electric Babboe cargo bike must be kept clean.

See also our extended overview with maintenance tips.