Bike trailer or cargo bike: the differences

Are you looking for a way to transport your children by bike? Safety is one of the most important points. With a bicycle trailer, your children sit behind you, making it difficult to keep an eye on them. With a cargo bike, your little ones sit in a high box directly in front of you. Every ride becomes an adventure for your kids and you can relax. The table below gives a few points of comparison.

bike trailer for children 
Features Babboe Cargo Bike Bicycle trailer
Safety in traffic +++ +
Safety belt +++ +++
Children can be seen without turning +++ -
Room for 1 - 2 children +++ +++
Room for 3 - 4 children +++ ---
Stability +++ +
Turning radius - --
Driving behaviour/roadholding +++ +
Can be used as a pram -- +++
Safe at higher speeds +++ ++
Fun ride for the kids +++ +
Kids' ages

from 0 years,
no age limit

0 - 7 years
Material (wood vs. tent fabric) +++  +
Room for other cargo +++ --
Weather-proof +++ +++
Space to park + +++
Sustainability +++ +

Source: The comparison was made with the help of Babboe riders who also have experience with a bicycle trailer.  

Children's bicycle trailers lie very low on the road and can therefore easily be overlooked by drivers. The advantage of a bicycle trailer is that you can easily hang it behind your normal bicycle. However, you must pay attention to the load on the bicycle, as it is not necessarily suitable for a child's bicycle trailer. A cargo bike is more expensive than a bicycle trailer, but it can be used longer and retains its value. Many of our Babboe drivers have exchanged their cars for an environmentally friendly cargo bike.