About Babboe

About Babboe


Definition of Babboe

Babboe has the philosophy to bring moments of happiness to young parents together with their children. Based on that line of thought, we searched for a nice fitting name for our product. That is how we ended up with Baloo and Babu. Baloo from the Disney character who protects Mowgli at all times. Babu from the positive thought of daily care and love for children. From these associations we came to Babboe.

Origin of Babboe

The Babboe cargo bike in an initiative from a group of parents that wanted a readily available cargo bike with a lower cost than the existing ones. The Babboe Big was developed together with an engineering firm. The aim was to develop a high quality cargo bike with an affordable price. The first Babboe cargo bikes were delivered in March, 2007. The development of cargo bikes didn’t stop with the three-wheel Babboe Big, the product range has expanded to fit the needs of every customer.

Why a Babboe?

Besides the beautiful design that came out of development, a lot of tools were implemented to make use of the cargo bike easier for you and your children. Some of those facilitating tools are the low entry of the cargo box, the standard 3 or 7 geared with a ultralight first gear, the child friendly steps, the easily adjustable seatpost so that mom and dad can switch places quickly, the ‘bells and whistles rod’ upon which cool toys can be mounted, fold up benches in the cargo box, and many more. See also the 10 advantages of Babboe.


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Everything about the cargo bike


Two or three wheeler?

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Why can Babboe provide affordable cargo bikes?

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What's the difference between the Babboe Big and Curve?

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Does a Maxi-Cosi fit in the cargo bike?

Babboe City, Mini, Curve en Carve

A special Maxi-Cosi carrier is designed by Steco for the Babboe City, Mini, Curve, and Carve and is available for almost every type of Maxi-Cosi. After the carrier is mounted in the cargo box, there is place for two small children on the bench. The bench of the Mini has to be removed before you can place the carrier in the box. The Maxi-Cosi carrier is not suited for the Babboe Mini Mountain because the bench cannot be removed from the box.

Babboe Big

It’s not possible to fit a Maxi-Cosi carrier in the Babboe Big. When you want to safely transport your baby in the Babboe Big, try out the baby seat for the cargo box. You can mount the baby seat on the bench, which has room for 3 other seats for children.


The Babboe cargo bikes are developed for a fun and safe mode of transport for an affordable price. The cargo bikes are designed by a Dutch entrepreneurial team and they chose to use high quality parts of the bike. Besides the high quality parts, the cargo boxes are designed to foster safety. To ensure and prove the safety of our products, we tested the cargo bikes by two international agencies: the SGS and the TÜV on durability and carrying capacity.

Cargo bike dimensions

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Carrying capacity

The carrying capacity of the Babboe City is tested on 80kg in the box.
The carrying capacity of the Babboe Big is tested on 100kg in the box.
The carrying capacity of the Babboe Curive is tested on 100kg in the box.
The carrying capacity of the Babboe Transporter is tested on 100kg in the box.

Cargo bike specifications

Extended specifications can be found under each individual cargo bike page