How should I maintain the cargo bike cover?

It is important to maintain the cargo bike cover well to prevent moisture and condensation. When a wet cargo bike is parked under a cargo bike cover for a long time, mould can develop. We recommend placing the cargo bike cover over a dry cargo bike and regularly 'airing' the cargo bike cover.

Tips for using the cargo bike cover:

  • When the cargo bike cover is used for a longer period of time, or after a period of rain, we recommend that you occasionally 'air out' the cargo bike cover.
  • Remove accessories, such as a baby seat or cargo bike cushion, when using the cargo bike cover. The accessories can absorb moisture, which can cause mould.
  • If your cargo bike is wet and you put the cargo bike cover over it, your cargo bike will remain wet. Take this into account.
  • If the cargo bike cover is wet, do not fold it. It is best to hang the cargo bike cover to dry, otherwise there is a risk of mould forming.
  • Let the cargo bike cover dry before you store it
  • You can clean the cargo bike cover with a soft brush, lukewarm water, without soap.
  • The cargo bike cover remains in good condition if it is used in a sunny spot.
  • To prevent algae formation, do not use the cargo bike cover near a bush or under a tree.
  • Prevent puddles from remaining on the cargo bike cover.