Babboe cargo bike decals

Make your cargo bike stand out from the crowd by sticking unique Babboe stickers to the box. Very handy, because you will recognize your cargo bike immediately when it’s parked next to other bikes! There’s a lot of variety to choose from. Do you want one of our Babboe designs, your own design, or the safe reflective stickers? The possibilities are endless.

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Babboe bakfiets stickers

Babboe cargo bike stickers

We’ve got plenty of different stickers and decals available for the cargo bike. Do you want a Babboe cargo bike Woezel & Pip sticker, a Fiep Westendorp sticker, or do you want to go on an adventure with our own BOET? It’s all possible with babboe box decals. When the cargo bike stickers are applied, your cargo bike will stand out and feel personal.


cargo bike stickers design

Cargo bike stickers own design

Do you prefer to have your own design on the box? No problem for us! You can choose to use a picture or to make your own design. This makes your bike feel personal and unique. Are you interested in how to design your own sticker? Read the full instruction manual to shape up your personal sticker for a cargo bike.


losse bakfiets stickers

Loose stickers

There are also loose stickers available that can be used on any cargo bike model! Loose stickers are available in butterfly, flower or dog paw patterns. Take a look in our online shop to see the different options. Keep in mind that these stickers are very popular and aren’t always in stock.


Reflecterende bakfiets stickers

Reflective stickers

Babboe’s stickers are UV and weather resistant and also colourfast: the stickers will last for years. And did you know that in addition to cargo bike bike stickers and loose decals, there are also functional stickers available? Babboe designed reflective decals and reflective loose decals to increase safety while cycling in the dark. And don't forget the anti-slip mats. Click the button below to go to the online shop and check out the complete range of stickers.


zakelijke bakfiets stickers

Babboe cargo bike decals - for business purposes

The possibilities are endless with the cargo bike box stickers. Since you can create your own design, it is now also possible to have your company logo or slogan printed on business cargo bike decals. Advertise your business while riding around town! It is a very simple, efficient, and inexpensive way to put your business in the spotlight. The ideal solution for businesses!


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