Cargo bike winter tips

Even when the roads and cycle paths are cleared from snow and ice, it can still be slippery when cycling with your cargo bike. In addition, the salt and sand on the roads is not great for your tires. Read the tips below to prevent accidents and potential damage to your bike.

Cycling tips for icy roads

  • Band van de Babboe CityTip 1 | The saddle: Lower the saddle of your Babboe cargo bike. Your feet are now closer to the ground when you’re cycling, so you can support your bike when you begin to slip. Also wear shoes that have a good grip in the snow.
  • Tip 2 | The tires: The Babboe bikes are equipped with wide tires to provide extra grip while cycling. The advice during winter times is to let a little air out of your tires, but this is not necessary with the already wider tires of the Babboe bikes.
  • Tip 3 | Look forwardsIf you pay attention to what is coming, you can predict which parts of the road will be icy. Pay extra attention when you see reflections in the pavement or road because it’s highly likely that it’ll be slippery.
  • Tip 4 | Planning: In some countries, local municipalities inform the travellers in their area about safe roads where they gritted salt on the roads. Check their websites before getting on your bike.
  • Tip 5 | Trust yourselfTrust yourself and your own cycling skills when you get on the bike. Make sure you have the right speed and try and cycle with a heavier gear at first. This will ensure more grip and stability.
  • Tip 6 | Straight linesTry and take turns as wide as possible and keep in a straight line whenever you can. Reduce the friction during turns to stay stable on the cargo bike.
  • Tip 7 | Warm clothingPut on warm clothes during the winter months. This will keep you warm and it will also soften your landing in case you fall. Don’t forget to take your beanie and gloves with you!
  • Tip 8 | Stand outMake sure that the lights on your bike are working correctly in the winter time. Check your rear-and front lights on brightness and change the batteries if it’s necessary.

Maintenance tips for the winter months

  • Tip 1 | Brushing offDid you cycle through the snow for a while? Brush off the cargo bike and make it snow and salt free. When salt stays on the wheel, it can damage the breaks and the gears of the bike. Make sure to brush it off to prevent unnecessary damage later on.
  • Tip 2 | Lubricating: Are the brakes or gears of the bike frozen? This is easily avoidable by greasing them with a layer of lubricate. Our Babboe cargo bikes love it when you take care of them and with a little bit of lubricating spray you give it exactly what it wants!
  • Tip 3 | E-bikesAlways keep the battery inside with low temperatures. Please note that due to low temperatures, the battery might not last as long as with normal temperatures.
  • Tip 4 | Rain tentJust as with the battery, the rain tent is not suitable for low temperatures. Protect the rain tent from frost to prevent damaging it.

Babboe bakfiets in de Sneeuw

Do you want more maintenance tips, for example about what do when you have frozen brake cables? Check out the maintenance tips from our mechanic Jan!