Instruction videos - Do it yourself cargo bike maintenance

When you use your cargo bike on a daily basis, it is best to ensure that your cargo bike is also well maintained. A well-maintained cargo bike cycles better and lasts longer.

Read all about the maintenance jobs that you can do yourself. Are you stuck? Then view the maintenance videos in which our mechanic explain everything step-by-step.

We have the following instruction videos:

Installing the rain tent on the Babboe City

Installing the rain tent on the Babboe Curve

Installing the rain tent on the Babboe Big

Instructions on installing the City Maxi-Cosi carrier

Instruction for installing a Maxi-Cosi carrier in the Babboe Curve

Instruction on installing the baby seat / toddler seats

Instructions on adjusting the mechanical disc brakes

Instructions for adjusting the rim brakes

Instructions on adjusting the derailleur gears

Instructions for adjusting the drum brakes

Adjusting the roller brakes