Rain tent

Babboe Mini

The rain tent protects your children against rain and cold wind. It also offers protection against bright sunlight. This accessory is specially designed for the Babboe Dog.

Black: Made of extra strong PVC
Windows: fitted with special window film for optimum transparency
Easily open/close the windows with YKK zips.

Please note: The Mini Rain Tent can not be used in combination with the Maxi-Cosi carrier.

Rain tent | Babboe Mini
Rain tent | Babboe Mini
Rain tent | Babboe Mini
Rain tent | Babboe Mini


The rain tent is very user-friendly. All four sides of the rain tent have a large window. This means your children can see their surroundings, even when it’s raining. In addition, dad or mum can keep an eye on the children. The side windows are easily unzipped and the children can get in and out on their own.

Black option: Made of extra strong PVC. This material is suitable for long-term and waterproof covering in all weather conditions.


The rain tent includes a tent frame. Installing a rain tent onto the Babboe Mini cargo bike is easy. Please refer to the manuals page to view the instruction manual for the rain tent.