By parents for parents

Babboe is a 100% Dutch brand developed by parents, for parents. Since 2007 it is young parents who inspire us to make the best cargo bike which makes everyday life just a bit more fun and easy.

Family cargo bike facts

  • 60 young parents at Babboe work daily to make the best and safest cargo bike?
  • On average a family cycles approximately 4652 kilometers with a Babboe Cargo Bike?
  • Over 50,000 families in more than 33 countries daily enjoy the pleasure of a Babboe cargo bike?

As a result of years of experience and conversations with young parents, we know exactly what is important in a family cargo bike. That is why our cargo bikes are equipped with a number of useful items especially designed for young parents.

Child-friendly steps

Child-friendly steps

It might be Dutch but the childeren of Babboe parents have a tendency to want to do everything by themselves. Recognisable? We took this into account with the development of our cargo bikes. All our cargo bikes are equipped with safe child-friendly steps. Handy!

Wooden box

The wooden box of a Babboe cargo bike has a raised edge. Convenient in case your child want to have a nap, but also robust. The box has been made to endure many circumstances, such as small feet stepping onto the edge to climb in or out the box. 

Low entry

With your most precious possession with you, you want to be sure that you can always easily get your feet on the ground. That is why all cargo bikes are equipped with a special low entry. This allows you to easily reach the floor with your feet with every cargo bike. An additional advantage, a low entry also ensures that the center of gravity of the cargo bike is low, which gives you an extra stable roadholding.

Steering wheel

A Babboe cargo bike is standard equipped with a normal steering wheel. Whether it's gears or brakes, you can operate it without letting go of the wheel. You can also operate the parking brake, in the case of a tricycle, from the steering wheel.


Since you are transporting your most valuable possessions in a cargo bike, a lot of thought has gone into making sure the bike is safe.

Cargo bike safety
  • Special three-point belts: For the safety of the children, it is important that children are fastened in the box. That is why the cargo bikes come with three-point belts.
  • Wide tires: All cargo bikes are all equipped with wide tires for optimum driving comfort. On both sides equipped with reflection to increase visibility in traffic and safety for everyone.
  • Lighting: The Babboe cargo bikes are all equipped with LED lights front and rear.
  • Ring lock: A cargo bike is a big expenditure. You want to be sure that he remains safe. That's why an ART certified ring lock is on all our cargo bikes. In addition, we advise all parents to also secure your cargo bike additionally to a lamp post for a example. 
  • Parking brake / stable standard: When you get off, you want to be sure that the cargo bike really stands still. Especially if you let the children get out. That's why Babboe has developed a special parking brake for the tricycle bike, which you can easily secure and release. For our two-wheeler bike we have developed a special standard which makes the cargo bike extra stable. Because of the special angle, the cargo bike stays firmly put.
  • Tilt stoppers: Imagine that for whatever reason you have to make a sharp turn with your cargo bike. A two-wheeler bike is more agile and can easily make a sharp turn. A three-wheeler bike needs a little more space. The Babboe Big and Babboe Curve are equipped with tilting stoppers to prevent the box from being placed at odds with your tricycle. They prevent risk of tipping over during normal use.

Do you already have a family cargo bike? Then at Babboe we have a wide range of accessories to complete your ride. Do you not have a cargo bike yet? Babboe has a wide range of cargo bikes suitable for every budget and every family.

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