Cargo bike bakfiets by Babboe: the 10 benefits


How it all began:
by parents, for parents

History Babboe

Babboe began in 2005 when a group of parents started looking for a high quality yet affordable cargo bike. The cargo bikes available at the time were all quite expensive. There should be other options, right? In cooperation with an engineering firm, these parents made plans to develop a qualitative and affordable cargo bike bakfiets. But what’s affordable and what do other parents consider a good cargo bike? Two years later, the Babboe Big was available for purchase, a robust three-wheel cargo bike that meets all the requirements of the Babboe parents. The beginning of a flourishing business! Babboe is now available in more than 30 countries including the USA and Canada and celebrated its 10th anniversary in March 2017. Read about the full history here.


Our customers' opinions

cargo bike bakfiets

Young parents inspire us to continue to manufacture new products and to improve our current cargo bikes and accessories. How can we make our cargo bike bakfiets even more convenient, fun and safer? These are the questions we ask parents when designing new cargo bikes and accessories.

Do you have any suggestions? Let us know! After all, we are a brand ‘by parents, for parents!’


The best price-quality ratio

cargo bike bakfiets by babboe

Babboe cargo bikes can be purchased online or through Babboe dealers. Since we only deal with Babboe bicycle shops without high margins, we are able to offer affordable cargo bikes without compromising quality.

In countries where direct delivery is possible, you can choose to have your cargo bike delivered at home ready-to-go, or choose an assembly package and assemble the cargo bike yourself!


Tested for safety and durability

Safety Babboe cargo bike

Here at Babboe we are parents ourselves, so we know as no other what’s important to young parents, for example the safety of your children. Therefore all Babboe cargo bikes are tested for safety and durability by renowned international testing authorities SGS and TÜV.



Babboe service

Babboe is the only cargo bike specialist employing their very own technicians. The Babboe dealers are fully specialised in the maintenance of your Babboe cargo bike. Our technicians will have you back on the road in no time.


Wide range of products

Cargo bike bakfiets accessories

Babboe offers a wide range of cargo bikes, accessories and parts. Will you choose a two-wheel or three-wheel cargo bike? All Babboe cargo bike models are also available with pedal assistance. Pimp your cargo bike bakfiets with a wide selection of different cargo bike accessories, making a ride on your cargo bike even more fun!


Secure payment

Secure payment

Payment at happens in our secure SSL environment. There are different payment options available in the different countries Babboe sells directly to.

Your internet connection is secure when our web address begins with https and is preceded by a green (pad)lock symbol.


5 year warranty

Cargo bike 5 year warranty

Babboe cargo bikes come with 5 year warranty on the frame and 2 year warranty on parts not subject to wear (brakes and gears). The warranty period differs depending on the part. Please refer to the warranty conditions for exact periods and conditions. Our accessories have a warranty as well.


Our partners

Partners Babboe cargo bike

In order to continue to offer Babboe cargo bikes at competitive prices, we have teamed up with some major partners. Thanks to our partnerships with the Cyclists’ Federation,, Rabobank, ANWB, Prénatal, negenmaandenbeurs, and many others, Babboe can continue to offer special promotions. With the help of these partners, Babboe offers you top quality cargo bikes at an affordable price.


Stop by for a testride

Cargo bike bakfiets test ride

We keep innovating to ensure that families have the chance to take Babboe cargo bikes for test rides. Cargo bikes can be taken for a test ride at a dealer near you. Always call them in advance for their availability.