Update: April 4, 2024

We would like to give you a brief update.

We have now been able to inform customers and dealers in the Netherlands and Germany about the recall, the compensation and the approach. In other countries, discussions with local authorities are still taking place. As soon as we have reached an agreement, you will be informed about the solution for your cargo bike.

Update: February 23, 2024

Dear Customer,

We understand that you would like more clarity about your Babboe cargo bike. We are currently working hard on a solution, and expect to come with a new update next week. We understand that we ask much patience from you and that the situation is causing a lot of inconvenience. We sincerely apologise for that.


Temporary halt to sales of Babboe cargo bikes

On February 14th 2024, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) informed Babboe that the company has not provided enough information to prove that certain models are free from safety risks.

The sale of these models must for this reason be put on hold. As a precaution, Babboe has decided to temporarily stop the sales of all Babboe cargo bikes.  

Babboe and the NVWA continue to work together to ensure that the requested information is provided as quickly as possible, so that sales can be resumed. Until then, we will follow the NVWA’s advice to not use the Babboe cargo bikes.

We are currently consulting with the NVWA to prepare for a recall of certain Babboe models. We will inform Babboe owners of this as soon as possible.

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