It’s all in the name. The cargo bike got invented for the obvious reason to transport goods from location to location. In the time the bike was invented it was an awesome way of transporting knowing cars were still unusual. These days we have cars for the heavy transport, but that doesn’t mean the cargobike is useless;

Kids transport
It’s the ideal way to bring your kids to school. It’s fun, they love it and very safe. The bikes have a bench with special kid belts that they can put on, so you’re sure they can’t move. Because you have the kids in front of you, they are in your sight and you are always sure what they are doing. Talk with them along the way and enjoy the ride!

Groceries shopper
Most of the groceries are bought close by home. Taking the car for this distance is most of the time not necessary. In the urban environment it often takes a lot of time to travel with a car. This is where the cargo bike comes in the picture. Fast and easy, and no problems parking!

Pets transport
You can now take your pet to the park very easily. The urban environment can be a problem for taking a walk with your dog, but you can now easily drive to the park and bring the pet the freedom it needs.

Goods tranport
The cargo bike can take up to 100KG/220 LBS in the box. Virtually anything you want to take with you that fits in the box is possible. Wether it is a surfboard or a new stereo, you’ll be amazed what goes in the box.