The Cargo bike is not an ordinary product in the history of the United States. Even the use of the normal bicycle lagged comparing to the European countries. Because of this fact people are not very acquainted with the cargo cycle you won’t notice the advantages very easy. But as we Dutch know already, there are a lot of pro’s driving a bike and taking whatever you want with you. Let’s start looking at what the bike exactly can mean for you;

Why do something that is not fun? The basic drive behind the bike is to go out and have fun alone or with the family. Your kids will love it, imagen; sitting in a bike driven by your dad and spectating the world around you?

The undeniable Dutch looks
Don’t be afraid you will not get noticed driving this bike. The bikes are designed according to the old fashioned Dutch look of bakfietsen, but are built in a modern way. You will definitely be the first in the block.

The ideal way of combining your daily workout with doing groceries or driving the kids to school. Driving a bike has already proven to be great for your body, driving a bike 3 hours a week reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%.

Low cost
This advantage can be explained in manny different ways. First of all you do not have to pay for your fuel, which becomes increasingly important with the rising fuel prices. Next to that the price of a Babboe Cargo Cycle is very low comparing to other cargo bikes and substitutes. You don’t have to pay tax and the maintenance costs are very little.

The bike supports the new trend of becoming more aware environmental problems. Driving a bike in the city will improve the livability. Cleaner air and safe streets are results of cities stimulating the use of bikes.

Don’t mind the weather
In Holland we are used to rain and heavy winds. The bikes are built for that. We have the steel mudguards, enclosed chain case and internal hub brakes. The wood and frame are specially coated so that they are water resistant.

Low maintenance
We know people don’t like maintenance. We don’t like it either. The bike is built so that you don’t have to work on it much.