Cargobike Chain Lock – ART ***

This anti theft chain MAGNUM is available in a standard length of 110 cm or a very long version(180 cm).

This chain is an excellent protection against theft. It is easy to attach to your bike and fix it to an object such as a pole, a fence, another bike. It has been certified by the ART with 3 stars, which means it is approved by most insurance companies. The Chain lock comes with 3 keys.

- 3 Keys, one with microlamp LED for easy opening in the dark,
- Length 100/110 cm 160/180 cm,
- Lock with steel balls for maximum security,
- Lock is resistant to theft and drilling,
- Hardened titanium area to provide more resistance against sawing,
- Square mesh for more resistance to scissors and concrete saws due to the larger surface,
- Covered with Velcro which avoids damaging the paint if accidentally hit the bike.

Chain lock, Chainlock

  • Chain lock, Chainlock
  • Chainlock 2