Two or Three wheels?

Stability and maneuvrability

Two or Three wheels on my cargobike?

The cargobike, in The Netherlands better known as “Bakfiets”, is a transport bike with two or three wheels and a big box in the front. Many Dutch families have a cargobike to transport up to four children to all kind of different locations.

Until the 50’s, the cargobike was only being used for business purposes, in the early 2000’s it became a huge trend to move your children around in and it is still growing in popularity in The Netherlands. We also see an increase in demand of the cargobike in the United States and Babboe is shipping more and more of them.

two_three weels

3-Wheel based cargobike

An ordinary cargobike with three wheels has two wheels in front and one in the rear. To steer the 3-wheel based cargobikes you have to turn the entire box, which is located on top of the two front wheels. Keeping your posture straight and sometimes letting go of the steering wheel will prevent tipping over the box or cycling on two wheels.
The box can be open to transport children or pets for instance, but it can also be closed and it will be ideal to transport all types of freight.

The advantages of a 3-wheel based cargobike are:

• Very stable. The cargobike cannot suddenly tip over, not even when climbing in or on the tricycle.
• Children are safely secured in the box with belts.
• You can transport up to four children, and some groceries.
• Easy to park.
• You have more control over the children in front compared to a trailer.
• Can be assembled with an electric motor, this will get you going very easily.

Our three wheel based cargobikes:

Babboe Big Cargobike
Babboe Big Electric Cargobike
Babboe Curve Cargobike
Babboe Curve Electric Cargobike


Two wheel based cargobike

This type of cargobike is just like an ordinary bicycle, the only difference is the box in between the steering wheel and front wheel. The front wheel is connected to the steering wheel by a so called “steering connecting rod”. Equally to an ordinary bicycle you maintain a balance by forward movement. You need to use the stand to keep the cargobike in balance when it is not moving, compared to the two wheel based cargo bike which can just balance by itself.

The advantages of a 2-wheel based cargobike are:

• Cycling is agile and with great ease, just like a normal bike.
• Children are safely secured in the box with belts.
• Can carry up to four children in the box, the extra bench is required.
• Kids can climb in themselves.

Our two wheel based cargobikes:

Babboe City Cargobike
Babboe City Electric Cargobike