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Definition Babboe

Babboe is deterioration from the Malaysian / Indonesian word “Nanny / Babysitter”. With the rationale that Babboe safely transport your children and you can constantly watch your most valued possessions because they are sitting right in front of you.

Origins of Babboe

The Babboe Cargobike is an initiative of a number of Dutch parents, who wanted to have a safe and affordable cargobike. Together with an engineering company they developed the first Babboe Big, the goals were set to build a qualitative and affordable cargobike. The first batch of cargobikes met their parents around March 2007. Beside the three wheel based Babboe Big, Babboe now got more versions; Electric, two wheel based and more. More about Babboe you can read over here.

History of Babboe

Why a cargobike?

About Babboe About Babboe
Learn all about Babboe’s history and see what has driven us to create the amazing cargobikes we sell today! Do you want to know more about the cargobikes or do you not really know if you need the two- or three- wheel based cargobike? Look here, we explain it all.


Why a Babboe cargobike?

Two or three wheels?

About Babboe About Babboe
You have decided to get a cargobike. Check out all our magnificant features we provide with every Babboe Cargobike model! We explain what the benefits are of a two wheel cargobike and a three wheel cargobike. Find out what is best for you here!